Engine Oil Marking
Engine Oil MarkingOil
Every car owner should be able to decipher the marking of the engine oil, printed on the package of the product, because the key to a durable and stable
How Hot Can Engine Oil Get?
How Hot Can Engine Oil Get_Oil
Engine oil is strongly heated in its function as a lubricant in the engine. Therefore, it is particularly important to consider the correct viscosity when
How to Polish a Car? Professional and Home Polishing Products
How to Polish a CarPaint
As soon as you notice the first small scratches in your paint, it helps to polish your car promptly. Damage to the paintwork is usually caused by mechanical impact.
How to rebuild a car battery? Car battery restoration
How to Fix a Car BatteryBattery
Car override: explained step by step You want to reanimate a car? No problem: In our instructions, you’ll learn how to jump-start a car without damaging
Removing paint scratches: How to polish away damage easily
Removing paintPaint
Quickly in, but difficult to get out again: Only a paint doctor can remove deep scratches from the car paint. Some damage, however, can be repaired by
Check the oil level in winter. Cold lubricant can damage the engine.
Check the oilOil
Even in sub-zero temperatures, motorists should regularly check their vehicle’s engine oil level. “The outside temperature is irrelevant when topping up.