GLONASS and GPS jammers

How to block GPS signal

How do GPS and GLONASS signal jammers work?

Satellite positioning beacons use a certain range for transmitting coordinates: for GPS it is 1575.42 MHz, and for GLONASS – 1602 MHz. The jammer creates interference on these frequencies. It is like a DDoS attack: the ether is filled with useless, “empty” signals, in which information about coordinates is lost. The more signals the jammer can send to the air, the more powerful and reliable it is. On this depends the suppression radius: minimal – 10 m, but there are devices for 15, and 20 m.

The device does not distinguish which source you need to block, it acts in a certain radius and frequency range. Therefore, take into account that all satellite positioning devices will stop working after the GPS blocker is turned on. Since beacons use GSM communication channels for data transmission, be prepared for the fact that it will be inaccessible for the duration of the jammer.

Differences of GPS and GLONASS jammers

The American Global Positioning System – GPS is a network of satellites in orbit. Originally it was created for military purposes, but then the system was put into general use: GPS access is now absolutely free. Until the noughties of the new millennium, there was no alternative, but then Russia launched its own satellite positioning system: GLONASS.

The American and Russian networks of satellites have several differences: the number of spacecraft, their location, and the air frequencies. The rotation of GPS satellites is synchronized with the rotation of the Earth, GLONASS satellites rotate independently of the planet.

The main thing to know: the networks use different frequencies, so a device that jams one system may miss information on the other. Since most companies use both networks to track coordinates, when buying a jammer, you should make sure it works on multiple frequencies.

How to make a jammer for GLONASS with your own hands

It is possible to make a device that suppresses the work of satellite positioning beacons yourself, but for this, you will need a detailed diagram with a layout by levels. The jammer consists of several parts:

Coil. The number of winding turns should correspond to the frequency of oscillations. For the device to suppress not only GPS but also GLONASS, you will need two coils with different numbers of windings. To calculate the number of turns, use Thompson’s formula.

  • Amplifier and antenna. The task of these nodes is to increase the power of the equipment to the desired radius.
  • Oscillation generator. The main working element, which allows to create of interference in the air.
  • Voltage generator. Regulates the current level and protects the device from overload.

These are just the basic elements. In addition to these, you will also need capacitors, transistors, diodes, and other parts. It is mandatory to provide a cooling system, otherwise, the device will quickly overheat and break down. Consider that the more powerful the beacon, the more powerful the jammer must be.

Self-made is an option for those who are well acquainted with radio engineering, can read schemes, and can solder boards. If you have not had to assemble electronic devices according to the scheme, it is better not to waste your own time in vain, and buy a branded suppressor.


GPS jammer is to interfere with the signal on the frequency of the GPS satellite navigation channel. It is necessary to run a jammer on this frequency, then the signal will be jammed, and surveillance will be impossible. If you are facing the serious task of hiding your location, it is better not to use any tips on blocking the GSP signal from the Internet, and buy a good GPS blocker, which is sure to cope with it.

Is it possible to jam GLONASS in the car?

To suppress GPS satellite positioning tracker in a car, you need to install a jamming device in the cabin and connect it to the power system, for example, through the cigarette lighter. Standard equipment covers a radius of 10 m, this is usually enough to prevent the beacon from transmitting coordinates to the dispatcher’s console.

However, there are universal jammers on sale, which prevent the operation of all GPS devices: smartphones, tablets, cell phones, and navigation equipment. From the standard models, universal devices differ in operation in all bands. They are compact and battery-powered, so they can be not only kept in the cabin but always with you.

Universal models are suitable for truckers and other drivers of large vehicles. While a standard satellite positioning muffler is sufficient for a passenger car, for a large truck with a semi-trailer the capabilities of this unit may not be enough, and then universal equipment will come to the rescue. The larger the range of the jammer, the better it is suitable for large vehicles.

When you may need a satellite positioning jammer

  • If the vehicle is being followed by car thieves or burglars.
  • When the driver is in danger, he is threatened.
  • When it is necessary to deviate from the route planned by the management.

Tracking vehicles with satellite positioning is a great thing. This method protects against theft, prevents drivers from draining fuel, and forces employees to adhere carefully to schedules. In addition, the equipment guarantees the safety of the drivers: they can quickly contact the dispatcher. However, technological innovations sometimes play against safety: not only executives but also criminals can watch the transport through the beacon.

How to block GPS signal, the main characteristics of the device

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GPS jammers – GPS jammer – anti-GPS tracker

Before explaining what a GPS jammer is, it is better to explain what GPS is and how it works. GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”. It is used by individuals, commercial entities, and the military, mainly for navigation purposes. GPS uses a system of satellites orbiting the Earth that transmit radio signals. GPS satellites work with a GPS receiver to determine location using triangulation. GPS modules are built into personal handheld devices, automobile navigation and positioning systems, and marine navigation systems, and therefore, GPS jammers or GPS signal suppressors can be used effectively against these devices.

GPS works using triangulation, which is a method in which measurements are taken at three separate points to determine a location. In a car navigation system, the vehicle’s location is estimated by three satellites orbiting the Earth. Using triangulation, GPS can determine the location of the receiver within a few centimeters. It is important to note that GPS radio signals use fixed frequencies. There are actually two main frequencies on which GPS operates: one for the public, non-military use at 1575.42 MHz, and one used exclusively by the U.S. military at 1227.6 MHz. Since GPS is nothing more than radio waves, these waves can be jammed with GPS jammers, although this requires technical means and knowledge.

Although GPS jammers have been built for quite some time (particularly by the government, military organizations), most civilians do not have the technical capability to build a device at home because it is much more difficult than simply blocking the radio signal by creating radio jammers.

Most GPS jammers are built for military purposes, such as to mislead the enemy as to what their exact location is, or to prevent the use of GPS-guided missiles. However, there are several civilian purposes for jamming GPS signals with GPS jammers, including, for example, being able to hide yourself or your vehicle in case it is tracked by a GPS receiver. The practical use of GPS jammers by civilians is quite broad, and anyone whose movements may be tracked by GPS should carry a GPS jammer. Most GPS jammers and GPS signal suppressors have a range of up to 10 meters which will cover even large vehicles.

How GPS Jammer Works

The gps jammer for car signals is designed to suppress the global GPS satellite navigation system signal in the 1500-1600 MHz range.

GPS jammer makes it impossible to track the movement of the vehicle by GPS navigators, as well as GPS bugs and GPS trackers, while the jammer does not interfere with cellular phones and other devices. In practice, the navigation suppression radius is from 5 to 10 meters, which is quite enough for a car, truck, or bus since the tracker is usually installed in the cabin.

When you connect a jammer through the cigarette lighter of the car, it immediately starts its work and generates “radio noise” (interference) in the bands 1500-1600 MHz (L1/L2) in a radius of 15 meters. These are the main bands on which all GPS devices work, including trackers, which employers usually track drivers. When you turn on the navigation jammer – all devices that determine your location using GPS stop receiving a signal from the satellite and you “disappear” from the screen of the tracking program.

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