Motorcycle Sound System Upgrade

Motorcycle Sound System UpgradeMotorcycle Sound System Upgrade

Music accompanies us everywhere, and music on the road is an opportunity to brighten up the trip, entertain and even “declare yourself” to others. Most motorcyclists do not like to ride in silence, so having a good audio system and installing it is one of the main types of tuning available to everyone.

What could be better than a breezy ride through a city burning with lights and music? Also, if you’re out in the countryside, you can listen to your favorite tunes and share them with others. You don’t need to bring an audio system, it’s much better to equip your motorcycle with one. If before motorcyclists in all ways available to them to install on a motorcycle radios, but now you can choose everything you need from the catalog, it will be audio systems specifically designed for this type of transport.

If you are planning to buy speakers for your motorcycle, the first thing to think about is available functionality. You need to evaluate the sound quality of the music in order to choose the best option. Read more about Harley speaker upgrade.

Why do manufacturers skimp on audio systems?

The culture of bikers and motorcycling in general has always been closely connected with interesting and modern music. Since ancient times, no athletes’ convention could do without vivid audio accompaniment. Over time, audio systems have become an integral part of every motorcycle.

However, modern manufacturers prefer to skimp on such details, so today many motorcycle owners are forced to look for themselves, where to buy an audio system, and think about which option will be the best for them.

In the past, music on a motorcycle did not cause any problems or difficulties, because the choice of technology was quite limited. There were about five manufacturers of music technology that could be installed on a motorcycle. Because of this, there were the following limitations:

  1. The similar cost of the various models;
  2. Indistinguishability of the functionality of different audio systems;
  3. Lack of specifics of installation and operation.

Nevertheless, over time, audio systems have evolved at a tremendous pace, so today the choice of available models is truly enormous. One of the most pressing problems has become the financial side of the issue.

There is a category of motorcyclists who do not so zealously need high-quality and loud sound, but others, on the contrary, this parameter is very important. In this regard, it is quite difficult to find a compromise that would satisfy all categories of motorcyclists.

If you install really modern and high-quality models of audio systems, the cost of the motorcycle can increase by several thousand dollars, which will be an unacceptable expenditure for the first category of citizens. When choosing a cheaper option, the second half will not want to buy a motorcycle with a system that will be replaced in the future.

It is for this reason that manufacturers leave buyers the right to buy an audio system on a motorcycle on their own. The choice depends on their:

  1. Available budget;
  2. Desires and preferences;
  3. System requirements.

The quality of your music is of the utmost importance!

Some motorcyclists, before buying music for the motorcycle, prefer to carefully study the specifications of a particular device. For example, models with maximum volume, sound depth, etc. are determined.

As practice shows, in today’s realities such an approach is not effective, because different moto speakers with the same characteristics may sound different. This effect is observed for a number of reasons:

  • Manipulation by the manufacturer when making control measurements;
  • Differences in the materials used;
  • Subjective characteristics of sound perception.

It is for this reason that motoacoustics should be thoroughly tested before purchase to determine the best option. Fortunately, every motorcyclist who wants to find the best solution for himself has such an opportunity!

The importance of additional functionality

Recently, there has been a global miniaturization of electronics in use, which has allowed familiar products and items to gain additional functionality. A similar situation has occurred in the field of audio systems for motorcycles, as speakers for motorcycles have also received alarm functionality.

It is worth noting that this situation has a favorable effect on the safety of motorcycles, as after the beginning of the installation of modern security systems, the number of motorcycle thefts in the decreased by several times during last years. There are several reasons for this effect:

  • High volume of the audio system;
  • Complex technical device;
  • Hiding the presence of the alarm system from prying eyes.

For example, some models of this alarm system can not be “disarmed” in the usual way, as additional protection circuits are created, as well as hidden power sources. Even in the case of an attempt to steal a motorcycle by professional hijackers, they will not be able to disarm the alarm covertly.

It may seem that the cost of such a modern alarm system is too high to protect a cheap moped or an inexpensive motorcycle, but such motorcycle acoustics is not so expensive – everyone can afford it.

Features of motorcycle audio system installation

Often motorcyclists prefer to purchase audio systems for motorcycles directly from the service station, as their employees offer free installation of the system. For vehicle owners, such an option seems optimal.

In fact, the process of installing speakers is as simple as possible. For this purpose, the manufacturers offer:

  • Detailed installation instructions;
  • A set of mounts for different motorcycles;
  • Internet forums to help motorcyclists.

It is for this reason there is no point in overpaying craftsmen at the service station for the simplest work. As a last resort, you can always come to them with the system already purchased – this option is much cheaper than the markup of locksmiths.

In any case, the number of offers from modern manufacturers is huge, so everyone will choose for themselves the best audio systems for motorcycles. If there is a need for personal consultation, you can always ask for help from the employees of the online store, which will help to understand all the subtleties of the available range.

What to look for when choosing an audio system for a motorcycle?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing an audio system for your motorcycle is moisture protection. No matter if you are an experienced biker or a beginner, there is always a chance to get not just under a mushroom rain, but under a downpour. This is an important parameter for a motorcycle speaker, while for a standalone amplifier this parameter does not play a big role, as a motorcycle amplifier is usually stowed in a trunk or under the seat of an iron horse.

The second thing you should pay attention to when choosing music for your motorcycle is the size of the audio system. Everyone’s motorcycles are different, as well as free space on the handlebars – so this important parameter should be considered based on the model of your motorcycle. Also an important parameter is the height and diameter of the brackets on which the speakers are mounted. Therefore, before you buy the speakers you like for your motorcycle, it is best to check these parameters. Better, of course, come to the store and see everything with your own eyes and even try them on.

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